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Operating under the Charitable status of the Church of England

Previously known as the Brede and Udimore Overseas Group we operate as a Benefice charity with the aim of raising money for charitable purposes.


The group was founded over 60 years ago by Iris Laker of Udimore who, during a visit to Tanzania, was horrified to see so many deaf children as a result of the high incidence of measles.


On her return home she held coffee mornings to raise money for the Deaf in Tanzania and this was how the first charity was chosen.


The Rector at that time had worked in Papua New Guinea and so PNGCP became the second charity.


Donations were later received specifically for eye camps which led to supporting The Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (currently known as Sightsavers).


These charities have been supported ever since.


The fourth charity has changed from time to time and is currently Freedom from Fistula.


With the exception of Sightsavers all the charities we support are small which means we know that every penny we raise goes direct to those in need.


The group is run by volunteers who freely give of their time and energy.

For more information contact:


   Liz Turgoose - 01424 882657 or email:  


   Judy Edwards - 01424 882222 or email:

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