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The Four Charities

The charities are chosen because they provide vital support to communities in different countries and with different needs.

Tanzanear logo.png
Also known as Deaf in Tanzania are a UK charity dedicated in helping deaf people in Tanzania where deafness can lead to ostracisation

UK Charity ref: 1063647
SPNGCP logo.png
The Papua New Guinea Church Partnership is a collaboration between seven Christian denominations and AUS aid to introduce peace and health activities in Papua New Guinea
Sightasvers logo.png
Sightsavers work worldwide to combat blindness in developing countries

UK Charity ref: 207544
(Royal Commonwealth Society for the blind)
Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 13.01.45.png
Freedom from Fistula helps women and girls who are injured and left incontinent following obstructed childbirth
UK Charity ref: SCO039493
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